Jet’s Story

When I was just a few months old my owner’s didn’t treat me very well. Keeping me chained on a 2m chain all day and just a plastic deck chair as shelter. Luckily for me DC Rescue came to my aid. After just 1 night at my foster home some lovely people came to visit. First there was a lady and man. They threw some toys for me and I jumped and licked their faces. I walked on the lead, jumped, nipped and licked at them some more. Then they left, I heard them asking if they could come back tomorrow.

The next day the same lady and man arrived along with 2 small children. I was so excited, all these people to play with and no chain restraining me. The 2 little boys ran around the yard with me and I jumped and nipped at them. It was so much fun.

A few days later the same car pulled up the drive again. This time I got to hop inside the car! I lay down in the front next to some warm, cosy, loving feet. This lady had a big smile on her face. I knew I was going to love my new home.

Arriving at my new home… There were toys, a soft bed, a warm kennel, a playground, lots of grass, treats and never-ending cuddles… I was SO happy! I love my new home.

Hi my name is Jet and I live in Hamilton. Even though my life started off a bit rough, I now live in a loving home with a Mum, Dad, 2 brothers and some fish. I am the youngest and the most spoilt and mischievous.

My favourite things in life are to learn new tricks, chew anything plastic (sometimes I am a little naughty and confuse my brother’s toys as mine) and chase those pesky birds. Most of all I love my cuddles with my family.

Going to obedience classes with my Mum is lots of fun. I started in the Puppy Beginner class and I was a bit naughty at times, as I learnt a few manners. I have since passed the Puppy Beginner class and the Beginner Obedience class (with flying colours I might add) and have graduated to Intermediate. Everyone is impressed with how much focus I have while at class and see how much I love my Mum – she is the best! Especially with a pocket full of treats.

I know I can be cheeky, I am trying my best to have manners and I know my family love me. My brothers always run to give me cuddles in the morning, I love them so much!

– Jet