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What’s in the box?: Take a peek at New Zealand’s newest dog toy and treat subscription box, PupPost.
New Zealand’s newest dog toy and treat subscription box, PupPost, officially launched this month. We took a peek at what is inside their exciting boxes.

“We focus on robust toys and delicious treats without having to sort through thousands of items online or going into a store,” says Shelley Bishop, Social Media Manager for PupPost.

Subscription boxes from PupPost have a mixture of local made products, as well as a range of unique and quirky items that are not readily available in New Zealand.

For Small Dogs
They say good things come in small packages and those of us who have tiny pooches couldn’t agree more. PupPost small dog box features ideal sized toys and treats that your pup can’t wait to get its mouth around.

For Medium Dogs
You might have an average size pup but that doesn’t mean they should get average toys and treats! “Our medium box is ideal for medium dogs with boundless energy or those who love a snuggle with a soft toy,” comments Shelley. PupPost offer an exciting variety of exciting toys and yummy treats.

For Big Dogs
Do you have a larger than life dog? Then you would know that a lot of toys don’t last very long with these big bundles of joy. “We sought out durable toys that stay intact while receiving a hammering from your pup. These toys also won’t be too hard and put too much pressure on your dog’s teeth either,” comments Shelley. Not only are the toys durable they also have the fun factor for your dog.

All PupPost subscription boxes are jam-packed with the best quality chews, fun toys and delicious treats.

With something to suit every size of dog, PupPost thoughtfully put together subscription boxes that are guaranteed to create happy tails on your pup. Perfectly filled boxes of goodies for every sized pet, delivered  each and every month.


Contact Pup Post:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Puppostnz-2357006671190253/

Website: https://puppost.co.nz/

P O Box 1238, HAMILTON, New Zealand

Phone:  07 839 6209

Fax:  07 839 6208



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