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New Zealand’s leading dog treats and subscription box, PupPost announces partnership with DC Rescue Dogs.

Every pup deserves a loving home, so in an act of social giving New Zealand’s newest dog toy and treat subscription box, PupPost, has announced a new partnership with DC Rescue Dogs.

“Customers can donate money at the checkout to support DC Rescue Dogs,” says Shelley Bishop, Social Media Manager for PupPost.

DC Rescue Dogs is a non-profit organisation based in the Waikato which takes in rescue dogs and puppies and then places them into forever homes throughout the Waikato and Auckland regions. All dogs that come through their care are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and registered with the council and NZCAR.

As a non-profit charity organisation they rely on support from the public to continue doing the good work they do. “All of their team members are volunteers working full time jobs, so every cent the rescue makes goes back into the dogs,” comments Shelley.

Run by Cherie Baker, she takes in pups from all over the North Island including pound dogs on death row, dumped puppies, private re-homes, overflow from other rescue shelters and puppies taken to vets for euthanising.

“Donations to the DC Rescue Dogs are always greatly appreciated and are absolutely vital for Cherie and her team to continue helping those pups in need,” adds Shelley.

As customers picks out the perfect box for their pup, they also have the option to add a donation to the DC Rescue Dogs. “Not only are you doing something good for your own dog, you are also helping to improve the life of those pups in need by helping them get to their forever homes,” comments Shelley.

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