Birthday Box | PupPost

For many of us our dogs are an integral part of the family, so when their birthday or adoption day comes around it is a special time. Celebrate it with their very own Birthday Box from New Zealand’s top dog treats and subscription box, PupPost!

In this specially-designed birthday box, you and your pup will find a carefully selected range of birthday themed toys and treats. “At PupPost we understand that your dog is not just simply a pet but a part of the family too and that they deserve to be spoilt on their birthday,” says Anna Whatford, from PupPost.

In the box your pup will discover two wrapped toys that your pup will be delighted in tearing open – just like us humans do. And what’s a birthday without a cake? “Each birthday box includes a pupcake which is made with all natural ingredients and is perfectly healthy for dogs,” comments Anna.

Let everyone know who the birthday boy/girl is with a birthday hat for your dog to wear. The box also contains birthday treats for your pup to snack on when celebrating theirbig day, plus a dog accessory and personalised birthday card.

Signing up to the birthday box is easy! Simply click here – enter your dog’s name, select their gender and birth-date. And you are good to go!

You can also add in if your dog has any specialty dietary requirements, the experts at PupPost will find dietary appropriate items for their birthdaybox, without sacrificing quality or taste. “We source only high-quality toys and treats, making them available to your pup,” adds Anna.

The excellent subscription boxes from PupPost contain a delightful mixture of local New Zealand-made products, as well as a range of original and unusual items that are not easily available in New Zealand, they will have your pup barking mad with excitement.