Responsible Pet Owners Month

February is the month of Pet Priority.

This month is Responsible Pet Owner Month. Even if you’re already a responsible owner, it’s good to do a few extra things this month to make sure your best friend is in the best health and condition they can possibly be. That can include taking them to the Vet for a checkup, looking into their dietary needs or even just giving them some extra attention.

Why is this month important?

Responsible Pet Owners Month serves as a reminder that pet health is incredibly important, and it can be easy to forget. Not all animals are fortunate enough to be in homes where their health is the top priority for them, so spreading the awareness of pet health to others and reminding them that animals have feelings too is very important. Animals aren’t an accessory or toy, they require a lot of care and love.
If you need somewhere to start reading for extra tips about caring for your best friend, the folks at FidoFriendly wrote an article specifically for this important month.
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