As a pooch gets on in life, they start to slow down, and not just physically. It’s said that at about 7 years old a dog is in it’s later years. But, there are many ways to keep your dog active mentally and physically in their later years, so they are happy and healthy.

Teaching an old dog new tricks.

Despite the old saying, teaching an old dog new tricks is very doable and quite important too. Learning is a crucial part of retaining a healthy mind in later years, that goes for humans and dogs alike! Keeping your best friend’s mind sharp will give them a happier and healthier life, especially in their later years, studies show. In fact, you should never stop teaching your dog new things, so they have an active mind their whole life. For more, Cathy M. Rosenthal has a very insightful article titled: Want a good dog? Then Never stop training it.

Dental health.

Did  you know that dogs with regular dental care live on average 2 years longerthan dogs without it? A dog’s teeth play a big part in their hygienic and mental health, so thinking about what they can handle in their later years is important. Dental health can also prevent plenty of diseases your dog might be prone to receiving in their later years. For more, read Ann-Marie Fleming’s article about ‘Dental Health in Older Dogs’.

Extra vet visits.

This one should be quite apparent, but as a dog gets older, their vet visiting routine should increase to ensure they’re healthy and to detect any diseases early on. AAHA recommends you should take your dog to the vet for a screening every 6 months if they’re an older pooch. Regular testing is important, and it’s a good habit to get into, considering it is for your dog’s benefit.

For more tips on keeping your dog healthy as they get on in the years, we recommend an article by Carolyn Steber: ’11 Ways To Take Care Of Your Dog As It Gets Older’