The Importance Of Dog Shelter Adoption

The go-to option for most people when looking for a new best friend and member of the family is typically buying a new puppy from a breeder, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s a lot of good you can do if you look into adopting a pet from a shelter.
Animal shelters bring in many neglected animals every year from all situations. Some unwanted, others abandoned and some rescued from awful conditions. All of them need a loving home, but not all of them get it.

Why adopt from a shelter?

Apart from giving a well deserving dog a loving home, there’s actually a lot of reasons to adopt from a shelter.
For one, most shelters will provide you great value for your money, and can be far more affordable than many breeders.

From the SPCA, all adoptable pets are also:
Temperament Checked
Worm and deflead
Vet checked

Shelters also provide you with expert advice on the care requirements that your adopted pet needs.

Even if you aren’t in a position to adopt an animal (because it is a big commitment), there are plenty of ways you can help out, like donating or volunteering. If you’d like to read more, the SPCA can give you all information you need about pet adoption and ways you can help animals in need. Read more.


Pacino’s Story.

Pacino has a lovely, heart-warming story which all came from a loving owner adopting him. Pit Bulls are frequently exposed to awful owners with terrible intentions, and Pacino’s story shows that they aren’t born violent.

“Pacino was brought in to my animal hospital to be euthanized for being “too aggressive” after he was used as a bait dog in Camden. I decided to rescue him because when I met him that day he licked my face & I knew he was an angel. He had extensive surgery and I took him home looking like the left picture. About 1 year later on the right, he is my pride and joy and the sweetest couch potato I know. He loves dressing up and showing off his handsome face!! His story is proof that Pit Bulls are, in fact, born inherently good.” – Brittany Elder to BarkBox. What a good boy Pacino is!

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