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We are three dog lovers and paw parents just like you! Like you, our dogs are not just a pet, they are also a part of the family, and we want to treat them with the unconditional love they give us all each and every day.

By partnering with local boutique suppliers, as well as unique products from overseas we are able to deliver the best quality dog toys and treats at an affordable price, delivered directly to your pup.

We are also passionate about supporting local organisations helping animals in needs and feel fortunate to be able to give back to these organisations doing something that we love.

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Anna and Cookie

Anna took Cookie into her home when she was a couple of years old, and they have been a tight pack ever since. Much to Cookies horror, Anna likes to find outfits to dress her up in, but she rarely fits them. Cookie is a big softie, but she is hard on toys, so a role as a toy tester was an obvious career choice for her; she puts our toys through a very tough test.

Wendy and Axel

Wendy was not always a dog lover, but when Axel joined the family he quickly won her over with his mischievous antics, unquestionable love, and special "lap time" with mum. Axel has become a part of the family and even has his own following on Instagram

Shelley and Jet

Jet joined Shelley’s family when he was just 4 months old. He was adopted from DC Rescue after a rough start to life. Jet now lives in a loving home with 2 young boys to tire him out. Jet loves to learn new tricks, chew most things (sometimes confuse his brother’s toys as his own) and chase those pesky birds. Most of all he loves cuddles with his family. Jet can be a real fuss pot when it comes to treats, so looks forward to trying all the new goodies that arrive at PupPost HQ.

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